CITEX: Keeping the Righteousness and Chasing the Innovation, Safety Creates an Era of Almighty Trading

With the help of DeFi, decentralized exchanges led by UniSwap have risen from the ground. The new IDO and LBP methods they brought have revitalized the entire cryptocurrency market, and the endless new projects have also made investors enthusiastic.

At the other end of the upsurge, centralized exchanges are under attack from DEXs, and are being impacted in all directions in terms of traffic, daily activities, and popularity. Faced with this endless battle for territory, some exchanges were overwhelmed and closed their doors and ran away, while others were looking for a new way out while holding on.

Also facing the impact of DEX, this old-fashioned exchange, which was born in 2018 and has gone through three rounds of bulls and bears, let us see its ability to turn “dangerous” into “opportunity”. If you review the actions of CITEX in the past two years, you will find that today’s highlight moment is not accidental, it is the result of years of painstaking efforts.

Through the cycle, safety first

CITEX has always been committed to becoming a platform for trading users to rest assured, and this goal has not changed since its establishment. In the face of industry hotspots, CITEX always regards “safety” as the primary consideration, rather than pursuing traffic. Therefore, CITEX will spend a long time building technology, strengthening platform technology and security measures, and ensuring the security of users’ digital assets. CITEX adopts a multi-level risk control system to comprehensively monitor the transaction process to ensure the safety and stability of user transactions. In order to protect users’ assets, CITEX has also established a margin system to provide each user with a margin, which fundamentally eliminates the risk of runs and insolvency.

CITEX’s emphasis on security has made it one of the very few exchanges in the industry that have crossed bulls and bears. This also shows that only when the basic market is stable can we gain a long-term foothold and seize opportunities.

Comprehensive layout to create an all-round platform

CITEX takes digital asset trading as its main business, and at the same time continues to expand its business scope. The platform frequently deploys business and expands various business scopes, including multiple business innovations in digital asset management. In addition to spot trading and contract trading, CITEX has also launched a number of diversified financial derivative services based on digital assets and mining ecology, such as mining pool plans, Youbi wealth management, wealth management business, Satking dividends, and MasterNode dividends. These services are designed by a professional organization team, which lowers the professional requirements and entry barriers, is more suitable for users with different needs, and has been widely recognized and loved by users. In addition, CITEX also cooperates with many digital currency exchanges around the world to jointly promote the development of the digital currency industry.

Just like the “showcase strategy” in fast-moving consumer goods, the more products are displayed on the counter and the larger the area occupied, the greater the probability of being selected by consumers. Now open the official website of CITEX, you will find that from spot to contract, from contract to mining, the platform covers almost all digital asset trading services. CITEX is going further and further on the road of diversification.

CITEX, which originally had the “seniority advantage” of an established exchange, coupled with the “display advantage”, it is hard not to be seen by investors. CITEX is going further and further on the road of diversification. This set of tactics not only brings incremental users to the platform, but also allows the platform to have more room for imagination.

“Keep the Righteousness” first, and then “Chasing the New”

If we say that in the past few years, CITEX has been working hard at the level of “keeping the integrity”, then in the past two years, CITEX is taking the initiative to “catch up with innovations” at a higher frequency. The most intuitive point is that it has taken a differentiated route on the asset side. In fact, the key to the survival of an exchange is not what model you use, but whether you are useful to investors and whether you can create opportunities for investors to make money. In the final analysis, the most important thing is to meet the needs of investors. Therefore, CITEX takes advantage of its mining field, focuses itself on mining coins, and is committed to creating differentiation. It labels the platform as a mining coin gold nugget. This strategy makes it a global leader in a short period of time. The first mining currency exchange has gained a large wave of enthusiastic fans of the exchange.

CITEX will continue to move forward on the road of pursuing innovation, and will continue to focus on users, continuously improve service quality and user experience, and provide more professional, safe and efficient services for digital asset traders. In the future, CITEX will continue to work on building an all-round trading platform to bring more possibilities and opportunities to the digital asset trading market.

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