DARTrader co-founder Roy attended Metaverse Asia EXPO 2022 and delivered a speech

On October 21st, 2022, DARTrader was invited to attend Metaverse Asia Expo 2022 – the world’s first live Metaverse Asia Expo to offer MUlti-Metaverse, Gamified and Use-Case experiences.

DARTrader is an NFT trading platform founded by the DART (Decentral Arts) team. It has rich resources of world-class artists, as well as super-large and iconic IP cooperation channels. It has jointly operated several top IPs with national museums/art institutions.

At the exhibition, Decentral Arts Team representative Roy delivered a speech to discuss with the audience the future prospects of the NFT track and imagine the future of DARTrader.

DARTrader means Decentralized Art Traders. In this era of the rise of digital art and the arrival of the WEB3 wave, the world is imagining in the Crypto world and roaming in the NFT country. In order to realize the dream of decentralized art, a number of digital artists and CNB jointly launched the DARTrader platform, an NFT Marketplace serving the WEB3 digital art field.

It is worth noting that, according to Roy, DARTrader will join hands with CNB to hold an airdrop event worth over 10 million US dollar.

To celebrate the listing of Carbon Neutrality Blockchain (CNB) on LABNK, the single-day increase of up to 15,000 times on the first day. CNB teamed up with the new NFT trading platform DARTrader and a number of digital artists to launch a series of environmentally-friendly NFTs.

When DARTrader is about to go online, in order to thank the early digital art collection enthusiasts who admire DARTrader, DARTrader has prepared 1000 CNB, and launched a 500 CNB prize pool in the first stage to sponsor this event and distribute rewards to every player who participates in the commemorative NFT MINT.

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