Explore more new possibilities of encryption art with DARTrader

In recent years, with the popularity of NFT market, the race track competition of NFT trading platform has become increasingly fierce. At the time of the explosion of NFT, DART team found that the heterogeneity of NFT coincided with the attributes of artworks.

NFT, as a digital encryption proof in the blockchain, can be used to verify ownership and authenticity. It is irreplaceable, unique and traceable. In contrast, in traditional industries, the authenticity of artworks is difficult to distinguish, the cost of safeguarding rights is high, the information is not transparent and the circulation is slow, and artists are relatively closed. These problems can be solved through NFT. Obviously, NFT and traditional art are naturally in harmony.

 Since trading is the core track of NFT encryption art, an updated NFT trading platform is bound to emerge in the future to promote the development and upgrading of the entire NFT industry and traditional art industry. Therefore, DART team created DARTrader NFT encryption art trading platform.

 As a crypto art trading platform supported by a strong background, DARTrader not only has a professional team, but also has a wealth of world-class artist resources, as well as super large and iconic IP cooperation channels, and operates multiple top-level IPs jointly with national museums/art institutions. Technically, the platform has distributed computing, storage and blockchain technology R&D experience, national blockchain project implementation capability and experience. In addition, the new economic model, the large-scale cooperation of global leading exchanges to operate large NFT game trading platforms, and their operational capabilities and valuable experience are also the foundation of DARTrader.

 In the future, DARTrader will adhere to innovation and make more technical exploration of NFT trading functions, including the launched royalties, NFT SWAP (barter), Mystery Swap (blind swap), trade mining, NFT trade association, etc. We also welcome more people to join DARTrader and explore more new possibilities of encryption art with DARTrader.

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