Gereiko : Creating the World’s Leading Metaverse Entertainment Social Ceiling Dimensiona DAO

Hello everyone , my name is Gereiko!

I am Founder of Dimensiona DAO organization , CEO of DimensionaDAO .


We will build a decentralized Bilibili, pixiv metaverse entertainment and social platform to solve the pain points of NFTs, solve their liquidity and landing problems, protect original artworks, and at the same time apply excellent ranking and high popularity NFTs to GAMEFI’s landing elements Cosmic application.

Our vision is to use cutting-edge technology to reshape the original art digital copyright transaction path from nft to Metaverse , start with the new technology of Metaverse as an infrastructure support , trace the origin of ideas and implement application practices , and propose directions for deepening the integration of art collections and digital transformation Sex applications landed .


Dimensional DAO community members in more than a dozen countries such as the United Kingdom , Canada , the Netherlands , Mexico , Turkey , Ukraine , Bangladesh , and Dubai. In the future, we will continue to develop us in nearly 50 countries including North America , Europe , Asia and Australia. community members !

With the acceleration of the digital process of globalization and the gradual maturity of blockchain technology , NFT has attracted a large amount of capital to enter the market. Although physical cultural and creative products have the advantage of limited distribution , they may be copied for mass production , stereotyped , true and false . Difficult to distinguish , difficult to prove rights and other chaos . For example , although opensea has developed for a long time , it does not review the works listed on the shelves . It seems to give the works a degree of freedom , but in fact, it is a concrete proof of voluntarily giving up the responsibility of the platform and giving up the copyright confirmation mechanism . Although makersplace has high-quality works and is biased towards artist standards , it charges a higher commission in the follow-up , as high as 15%.

In order to solve these problems , we have launched the Dimensional DAO community autonomous organization . With the help of the storage advantages of filecoin and technical advantages such as fvm , we can protect the copyright of original digital artworks and build an nft trading platform with global influence and innovative spirit . We also combine the trend elements of contemporary cultural and creative products , immersive 4D dynamic images , 3D printing technology to meet the curiosity of contemporary young people , reshape the global nft market , offline immersive art exhibitions , animated films , Metaverse space opening, etc. .

According to nonfungibal data , from 2020 to the third quarter of 2021 , the number of active wallets has reached 680,000 , with a growth rate of 206.2%, which further shows that the nft market is accelerating . We will reward outstanding original artwork creators on the platform and apply them to the metaverse , covering digital art , digital music , virtual real estate , game assets, etc.


We connect the nft airdrop with the user’s geographic location , add dimension to the complete virtual experience , realize the balance between the virtual and real world , and develop the application community at the same time , directly connect users with users , and create a social entertainment interactive metaverse platform . It will expand to luxury goods , ticketing , special experiences and more . Users can enjoy their nft interaction anytime , anywhere, communicate and discuss at any time .

For future planning , we will promote the application of nft in various fields , including games , news and media industries, etc., with ownership of various text reports and other resources , to protect its ownership as a unique asset , and its scarcity will be the result of many buyers bidding to obtain Considerable benefits , while its traceability can prevent all kinds of piracy infringement . Rewrite the new rules of various industries , and truly realize the practical application from nft to metaverse .

At the same time, because dao has an untamperable and open and transparent mechanism of the blockchain , it will continue to support the important components of the metaverse infrastructure to play a greater role . Realize the combination of virtual and real , augmented reality and mixed reality , so that the objects of one-way manipulation and indoctrination will be transformed into immersion + participation , and more people will join our platform .


At present, we have our users and fans on Twitter , discord and hundreds of communities. Our partners are all over the world , and hundreds of global media have announced it for us . Welcome to pay attention to our latest progress , and community participants There will also be rewards from our platform . In the future, we will open the nft trading system , and you can directly purchase digital art assets of excellent original works on the platform .

Our partners include binance, google, microsoft, yahoo, coinmarketcap, coingecko, huobi, etc. and the world’s top capital investment institutions. At present, we are conducting ido rounds around the world and have obtained US gem capital investment. With the end of the public beta, we will also open The digital token road of the platform!

We will also launch an equity nft that realizes ecological governance through smart contracts, which can not only permanently obtain platform dividends, but also obtain platform governance token airdrops and other types of collectibles whitelists, participation in community governance and voting rights. The list enters the DAPP to destroy the mining, you can get the white list brush list, and at the same time you can get token rewards, you can realize it on the exchange. It can be used for a wide range of functions in the near future, such as: nft mining, bonus bonuses, fees, governance, in-game currency, etc.

We will become the world’s largest copyright protection platform for original digital art assets! Let us witness this great arrival together! Welcome to join!

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