Will HASH be the most potential BRC-20 token after ORDI ?

HASH (BRC-20) is one of the most potential BRC20 tokens in the Bitcoin network. Wang Feng, the founder of the well-known NFT trading platform element (https://element.market/), tweeted to publicly support HASH (https://twitter.com/wangfeng_0128/status/1654689719949856769 ), and personally participated in becoming a member of the Hash DAO organization. Therefore, HASH is very likely to become the platform currency of the Bitcoin Ordinals section of the Element NFT trading platform in the future.

Hash uses the BRC20 standard to easily create and issue tokens on the Bitcoin blockchain. It was developed by the Hash community, which created a network of cryptoeconomic incentives to assist in the construction of a platform for storing and encrypting a new global network of databases. Hash tokens can be used for data storage, exchange, sharing and issuance, as well as various user applications.

HASH trading platform: https://unisat.io/market?tick=hash&tab=1

HASH community: https://t.me/hash_brc20

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